‘Bella and Bob live on a slippery slope, this is unfortunate. Bella’s mission is to invent the ultimate shoe, a shoe that will help them to overcome the perils of the slippery slope..’

Shelly was invited to create a work for the NIKE 78 exhibition and given a pair of nike trainers with a waffle style sole to serve as inspiration, the outcome is ‘Strange Gold Shoes’. Shelly wrote the story as a stream of consciousness, the result is a story filled with one liners and farts. The film stars Vivien Bridson, who plays ‘Bella’ and Captain David Hocker who plays ‘Bob’, Gerard Bell is the narrator and the Nike trainers feature as the Strange Gold Shoes.
Strange Gold Shoes was produced by 2AM Films and was nominated for ‘The British Arrows Television and Advertising Craft Award’.


Inspired by sport, 78 creatives challenged the function of Nike shoes.